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Fellhoelter Dealer

Brian Fellhoelter is a custom knife and gear maker. Brian has made many folding knives and has won several awards at different show for his designs. He won his first award for "Best New Maker" at Palo Alto knife show, only 9 month after he made his first knife! His first knife was a folder by the way; Brian made his first fixed blade knife after making 13 folders.

But the name Fellhoelter is more attached to his legendary pens, the TiBolt. The Fellhoelter TiBolt pen uses a rifle bolt mechanism to lock/unlock the pen cartridge. These pens are beautiful, well-constructed, smooth and rugged. They are everything you could expect from a tactical pen. 

The TiBolt is addictive. You will find yourself running the bolt action mechanism through its paces repeatedly. Annoy your friends and family as you obsessively Click/Thwack the bolt while thinking, reading, watching TV, etc… The TiBolt is a high quality, American made pen that feels great in your hand. You will write with it, and you will play with it, and we are sure you will enjoy it.

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