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How to order

After choosing your desired product, simply CONTACT US. We will arrange a suitable lay-by service for you.

Please send following details so that we can create and email the invoices to you:

  • Product SKU number

  • Your details (Full Name, Email address, Shipping Address, Phone Number)

  • The number of instalments and lay-by period (For example; 3 instalments over 60 days)

Please read the following information and guidlines before you commit to a lay-by

How it works

Lay-by is available to items valued at $300 or above. The maximum term for a layby is now increased to 90 days. The price of the product will be divided into 4 equal instalments and all fees will be added to the 1st instalment. The first payment is due at the time of the order, the second payment is due after 30 days, the third payment is due after 60 days and the final payment is due after 90 days from the time of order.

There is a $30 non-refundable fee for all lay-by orders. This amount is added to the first payment along with any other fees (e.g. shipping, customizing, etc.) and is payable at the time you place your order.


Your order total is $600 plus $10 shipping fee. If you choose to layby, your payments would be as follows:

1st payment       $190  (1/4 of purchase = $150 + $12 shipping + $30 lay-by fee = $192)

2nd payment      $150  (1/4 of purchase = $150)

3rd Payment       $150  (1/4 of purchase = $150)

4th Payment       $150  (1/4 of purchase = $150)

For lay-by, we will send you up to 4 separate invoices. Each invoice with it's own due date.


Payment must be received strictly by the due date or your order is subject to cancellation and you will be liable for the fees incurred. The order will be shipped after all amounts due are paid in full.

If you wish to complete your payments early and have your order shipped, you can. Simply pay via the payment link in the invoice. We will ship your item as soon as we receive the final payment.


Additional items maybe added to lay-by while you currently have other orders on lay-by. The new items will be treated as new transaction. A new lay-by fee is applicable to additional items.

Cancellation of a lay-by order will result in withdrawal of the $30 layby fee paid by buyer. An additional 10% re-stocking fee will also apply to cancellation of a lay-by. 

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