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Our Brand

Lion Knives is a family owned Australian business based in Melbourne. We started out in 2015 as a small online store. Our passion for knives & gear and our strong bond with hiking, camping and outdoors is the main drive behind our company. We started our business a unique approach towards eCommerce and knives in particular. Strong customer liaisons and flexible services has helped Lion Knives to rapidly grow to become one of Australia's most exciting online knife & outdoor gear stores. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for being a big part of our success.


As a family business, customer service is (has always been and will always be) the single most important factor in our success. Our customers come first and foremost, everything else falls in the place naturally. We enjoy interacting with like minded people from all around the world and talk about knife & gear all day more than the business itself, no jokes!

In mid 2017, we developed a new branding and marketing strategy as part of our plans to expand and grow even further. Our brand name & logo take inspiration from a historical Persian symbol depicting a male lion holding a sword. The lion is a symbol of courage, pride and leadership, while the sword is a symbol of power, protection and loyalty.

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