We Are Sole Authorised Australian

TwoSun Dealer


In addition to the original 1 year TwoSun warranty, Lion Knives provides an additional 2 year warranty extension for Australian customers (3 years warranty). This warranty applies to knives only.


TwoSun products are ONLY eligible for warranty in Australia if they are imported and sold by Lion Knives directly. Lion Knives is the sole Authorised dealer and importer of TwoSun knives in Australia.  We hold a database for all products sold in Australia, as well as the details of the original owner for warranty records. 

Any TwoSun product purchased from third parties, non-authorised dealers, grey market imports or products not approved by Lion knives are not covered by warranty.

TwoSun WILL NOT accept warranty claims from anyone in Australia directly. All warranty claims are organised and handled by Lion Knives localy on behalf of TwoSun. 

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