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Venom Bone Doctor Timascus Edition Knife M390 Steel Titanium & Carbon Fiber

SKU: TR-2784
Venom Bone Doctor Timascus Edition
A Classy & Refined Tactical Knife. Now With Exquisite Timascus bolsters


Another Venom Knives model is here and of course, it’s a beautifully executed tactical knife. The Venom Bone Doctor is large and beefy but at the same time light and comfortable. Tactical yes, boring never. This knife is beautifully executed and finished to the highest levels you could expect from a production knife.

The Venom Bone Doctor is classy, dressy and refined, at the same time it’s a capable tactical blade that can easily take on serious tasks. Venom Knives know how to design a tactical knife, put exotic materials on it like a dressy knife and finish it like a custom knife. At the same time they price it like a production knife.


The Bone Doctor has a full titanium frame with subtle bronze anodizing. The front of the handles are bolstered with luxurious Timascus inlays, an exotic material rarely offered on production knives and never at this price. The handles are dressed with beautiful carbon fiber inlays on both sides. The inlays are matte and have a soft and warm feel to them. Ergonomics are spot on as usual with Venom Knives. The knife feels secure and comfortable in hand & creates no hot spots.


The blade features a handsome carbon fiber inlay on the show side, executed to absolute perfection with no seam or gap to be felt whatsoever. The blade material is M390, shall we say again, the finest blade steel you could get. The exceptional edge retention, wear resistance, ability to take a super fine edge and great corrosion resistance are the reasons why we rate it so high.


The flipping action is, as you’d expect from Venom Knives, snappy and fast and closing is also silky smooth. The milled pocket clip carries fairly deep in the pocket and is equipped with a green tritium insert.


The Timascus patterns are random and will be slightly different on each knife.

  • Specification

    Overall length                              220 mm
    Blade length                                100 mm
    Blade thickness                           4 mm
    Blade material                              Bohler M390, Carbon Fiber Inlay
    Blade finish                                  Satin finish
    Handle Material                           Titanium, Timascus, Carbon Fiber

    Pocket clip                                  Titanium, Tritium insert

    Weight                                         142 g               

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