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TwoSun TS208 Micarta Knife, TwoSun Knives, Twosun Australia

TwoSun TS208-MIC Folding Knife D2 Blade Steel Frame & Micarta Handle


TwoSun is quickly becoming one of the most popular Chinese knife manufacturers rivalling big-name, modern companies like Reate, WE Knife, Rike Knife, Maxace and Kizer.  


TwoSun has gained extraordinary global success in a very short time, by offering great quality, original designs, high-end materials and most importantly, unrivalled value.

By employing knife designers from all around the world TwoSun has managed to create many innovative and eye catching designs. They use high grade American and European blade steels such as M390, S90V, and D2 and premium titanium, carbon fiber, Micarta and G10 for their handles. All the stated materials have been tested & confirmed by multiple independent laboratories in the US and are backed by TwoSun warranty.


We have been in discussions with TwoSun for several months and have thoroughly reviewed and tested their products for quality, materials, performance and durability. We're confident that TwoSun products are well above the standards in their relevant category. We are proud to have reached an agreement to offer Australian buyers an exclusive 3 years warranty (instead of standard 1 year) and handle all warranties here in Australia for your peace of mind.


  • Specifications

    Overall length                            215 mm

    Blade length                               95 mm

    Closed length                             120 mm

    Blade material                             D2

    Blade finish                                  Satin

    Handle Material                         Stainless Steel, Micarta

    Locking Mechanism                 Linerlock

    Pivot System                              Caged bearings

    Weight                                           130 g

$65.00 Regular Price
$45.50Sale Price

30% OFF

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