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Techno Silver Big Powerfull Bull Handmade Brass, Bronze & Sterling Silver Bead

SKU: TSL60.1

 From Russia With Beads! 


The stunning Techno Silver beads are masterfully hand crafted in the Kostroma city, Russia by talented hands of passionate artisans. The artists use traditional jewellery techniques to bring their unique ideas to life, in the shape of some of the finest beads you can come across.


These intricate beads feature outstanding attention to details and production quality. They will look great as lanyard beads on knives, flashlights, pry bars, etc. But you can also (and we encourage you to) turn them into a unique pendant or even a bracelet and see heads turn and eyes pop!


Big Powerfull Bull Brass, Bronze & Sterling Silver Bead (Tri-Metal)


Material                Brass, Bronze & Sterling Silver

Weight                  21 g

Hole Diameter    6 mm

    $125.00 Regular Price
    $87.50Sale Price


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