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Suprlativ Knives Piranha, Suprlativ Piranha, Piranha Knife, Suprlativ Knives

Suprlativ Knives Piranha Maglock Mechanism CPM-M4 Blade Purple Haze FatCarbon


Suprlativ Knives is a collaboration between two popular US Knifemakers, Enrique Pena and Jared Oeser. Both knifemakers are known for their creative designs and excellent craftsmanship. Enrique and Jared joined forces to design creative, unique and high quality knives at affordable prices. These knives are manufactured by Reate Knives who make the highest quality knives & parts for many custom & production knife brands all over the world.


The Piranha is an ingenius design by Jared Oeser. The Maglock mechanism features neodymium magnets inside the handle to secure the blade in open or closed positions. In essence, the Piranha is a non-locking knife, however, the strong rare earth magnests are capable of securely holding the handle together in both open & close positions. 


The Maglock Background


The inspiration for the Maglock comes from a design by Barry Wood called "Swing Lock". Barry Wood was a Californian knifemaker & engineer and was a founding member of the Knife Guild. He invented that Swing Lock mechanism in the mid to late 60s. 

Jared Oeser was approached by his friend at "Shadetreecc" with a patent pending concept called the Maglock a number of years ago. They were beginning production of one of their designs and asked him to be the first (and eventually only) custom knifemaker to use the mechanism. Jared then designed the Tengu maglock and have since done other designs including a collaboration Capricorn Maglock with Tripleaught Design. Fast forward in time and Jared had this concept for the Piranha. He went to discuss patent royalties with Shadetree and as it turns out, the mechanism was not distinct enough to warrant a new patent. Jared Oeser still respected and honored the name Maglock along with the innovators over at Shadetree and certainly the legend that is Barry Wood. 


The handle features a titanium frame with Purple Haze FatCarbon inlays on both sides. The handle is milled with weight reduction pockets internally. The blade is made of the premium CPM-M4 steel and is extremely sharp. The blade is machine satin finished. The knife comes with a nice box and a set of spare hardware.


Please note that this is a non-locking mechanism, as such a slight blade play is to be expected. It's not intended for heavy use. One handed flick deployment is fun and cool, but needs practice, skills and care to prevent injuries.


Overall Length            160 mm

Blade Length               69 mm

Cutting Edge                67 mm

Closed Length             95 mm

Blade Material             CPM-M4

Blade Finish                  Statin

Handle Material          PVD Coated Titanium with Purple Haze FatCarbon

Lock Type                      Maglock

Weight                            64 g


    $515.00 Regular Price
    $410.00Sale Price
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