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Rockstead KON ZDP-189 Honzukuri Double Convex Blade Wood Micarta Handle

Rockstead KON ZDP-189 Honzukuri Double Convex Blade Wood Micarta Handle

SKU: Y4522X

An Exquisite Fixed Blade With Mirror Polished Double Convex ZDP-189 Blade, Comes With Apple Airtag Custom Leather Lanyard


If you walked the paths of traditional know-how, endured the rocky roads of manufacturing complexity and climbed all the way up to the summit of excellence in production knifemaking, you'll find the Japanese powerhouse Rockstead, standing alone, taking a shot of Sake & waving the flag. 

Poetry aside, Rockstead is praised by most people in the business as the best production knifemakers in the world. "Production" may not be a fair word however, as there is more manual work and hand finishes in a "production" Rockstead knife than you'll find in many of so called custom or mid-tech knives these days. 


The Rockstead KON is a medium sized practical fixed blade with a cleverly designed sheath system. The sheath ia made of Micarta wood with rotary lock and features nylon belt loop and buckle fastener. The knife comes with an custom leather lanyard for an Apple Airtag to always keep your investment safe and traceable. The Airtag itself is not included as they are not transferrable.


Rockstead knives are best known for their blades; They have mastered three crucial aspects of making a high quality blade that barely any other production knife company has achieved. Exceptional sharpness, High Hardness levels resulting in unmatched edge retention and impeccable mirror finished blades. The blade sharpening is done by hand, so is the laborious process of mirror polishing the blade via wet & dry sanding that requires high level of skills & attention to smallest details, and patience of a saint of course.


Rockstead tests the hardness of every blade individually and writes it on the certificate paper. They also provide free sharpening and cleaning service for all their knives.



  • New condition
  • Not marks
  • Comes with original nylon wrap, Nishijin fabric pouch, Original sheath, custom Airtag leather lanyard (Airtag not included) and warranty papers


  • Specification

    • Overall Length: 10" (254mm)
    • Blade Length: 5.24" (133mm)
    • Blade Thickness: 0.2" (5mm)
    • Blade Steel: ZDP-189
    • Blade Style: Honzukuri
    • Blade Finish: Mirror Polished
    • Handle Material: Micarta Wood
    • Weight: 8.32oz (236g)
    • Country of Origin: Japan
$4,100.00 Regular Price
$3,999.00Sale Price
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