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Reate K-1 Flipper Knife Damasteel Blade Mokuti Inlay & Titanium Handle

Reate K-1 Flipper Knife Damasteel Blade Mokuti Inlay & Titanium Handle

SKU: D9872D

Reate has been a rising start in the high-end knife sector. The company is led by the talented knife maker and machinist, David Deng. With so many well designed knives as well as collaborations with the biggest names in the industry like Tashi Bharucha and Todd Begg, Reate is here to make their mark.


The K series knives are by far Reate's best ever productions. The attention to details, fit & finish, choice of materials and precision is phenomenal. The K series knives are head and shoulders above any production knives we have ever seen and easily better than many mid-tech and custom knives.


The Reate K-1 is a true work of functional art in all aspects. The slick and elegant design features clean lines and moderate curves that flow beautifully from handle to the blade. The level of refinement is unseen before in any production knife, period. With this choice of materials and exceptional build quality, the K-1 is nothing short of being a full custom knife, at a fraction of the cost.


The exotic Mokuti inlay is absolutely stunning and the K-1 has two of them, one on each side. Mokuti is a rare and expensive pattern welded titanium alloy (also known as Timascus), mostly reserved for use in custom knives. The handle is masterfully machined and polished around the inlay to create a frame-like feature. The lock side is almost identical with the addition of a sculpted titanium clip with ceramic detent ball, licenced by Todd Begg. Back spacer is slightly raised and rounded, allowing for a very comfortable grip.


The blade is made of Damasteel, another exotic and super attractive steel often used in high end custom knives. Damasteel is the modern form of Damascus, but stainless steel. The powder metallurgy process of making Damasteel is trademarked and patented by Damasteel (also the company name) in Sweden. The blade is polished and acid etched to bring out the wild texture and is complimented by crowned (rounded) blade spine, something very rarely seen in production knives.


Although the K-1 is a fairly large knife, the unique and elegant design, along with spot on ergonomics make it feel much smaller and lighter. The flipping action is silky smooth as you'd expect from a knife of this calibre. The K-1 comes with a high quality zippered case, dust proof pouch, microfiber cloth, a Reate patch and a set of spare hardware.



  • New condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original box, zippered pouch, microfiber bag and spare hardware



Overall length        22.1 cm

Blade length           9.9 cm

Handle length       12.1 cm

Blade steel             Damasteel

Blade finish            Polished & Acid etched

Handle material   Titanium, Mokuti Inlay

Weight                      162 g

    $1,480.00 Regular Price
    $1,380.00Sale Price
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