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Prototype Barrel Flashlight Custom Titanium Flashlight Serial #15/25, Very Rare

Prototype Barrel Flashlight Custom Titanium Flashlight Serial #15/25, Very Rare

SKU: H5964C

This is a hard to find Prototype Barrel Flashlight. These are hard to come by, especially in Australia.


Barrel Flashlight is one of the few custom flashlight manufacturers in the US. These flashlights are built to highest standards and are machined absolutely flawlessly. The Barrel Flashlight is a real gem. They are easy to carry, high performance, extremely well built and handsome. These flashlights pack an amazing array of features into a very small and convenient package. 


They are turned from solid grade 5 titanium round bar. They produce approximately 1000 lumens on high with the triple Nichia 219C 4K 90+CRI. The higher the CRI rating, the better colour rendering which means you'll see better in the dark.

The “pill“ that houses the LED’s and driver is machined from solid copper for optimum performance and heat transfer.

The light runs on an Efest high capacity 700mAh 16340 unprotected button top rechargeable IMR battery. It comes with a titanium stonewashed deep carry pocket clip and titanium screws for comfortable carry and superior strength.


The Barrel Flashlight is built with one of the most advanced drivers on the market: the fully programmable H17F with battery monitoring. The H17F comes in a very user friendly set default of moonlight, low, medium, and high. Rear “clicky“ button cycles light through modes. For the avid flashlight hobbyists , a secret hidden mode can be entered to program the light. This flashlight is water resistant.



  • Excellent condition
  • Has one very hard to see snail trail on the tail near the clip
  • Comes with original box and papers



  • Specification

    Measurements             3.5" x 1" (9 x 2.5 cm)

    Weight with battery      128 g

    Comes with box & COA

    Battery included


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