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Nate's Blade Co Australian Custom Knife Hand Engraved By Danae Cresswell

Nate's Blade Co Australian Custom Knife Hand Engraved By Danae Cresswell

SKU: P5934K

A Well Known Knife By Nathan Williamson & Danae Cresswell


If you are a proud Aussie looking to add a full custom knife by an Aussie knife maker to your collection, this is your opportunity. Nathan Williamson is a part time knife maker from Melbourne. He makes very few knives a year in his spare time; hence they are hard to come by and sought after among Australian collectors.


This is a prominent and well known knife among knife collectors in Australia as it's been featured several times in blade magazines and show promotion advertisement materials. The knife was handmade by Nathan for the very first Sydney Knife Show in 2014 and was hand engraved by the renowned Danae Cresswell. 


Danae began engraving knives in 2011 and asides from commissioned pieces has worked almost exclusively with knives since 2012. Trained by engraver Jeff Freeman, Danae specialises in deep relief style scrollwork and works in a wide range of metals. Her knife engravings are well known and sought after by collectors in Australia and overseas.


The knife features very desirable ivory Micarta scales over titanium handles. The bolster lock mechanism allows a symmetrical & uniform appearance on both sides of the handle. The originally hand-rubbed satin S35VN has been acid stonewashed later to better match the bolsters. 


Nate's attention to details is evident throughout the knife. For example the lock release is nicely scalloped, the hardware are counter-sunk and the interior liners are finished in satin. All of these are hallmarks of a more experienced full time maker that commends much higher prices. Nathan Williamson is one of very few Australian knifemakers that make a custom folding knives. 




  • New condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with zippered pouch




Overall Length:         198 mm

Blade Length:            85 mm

Blade Thickness:      4 mm

Blade Material:         CPM-S35VN

Finish:                           Acid Stonewashed

Handle Length:         116 mm

Handle Material:       Ivory Micarta/ Titanium

Weight:                         139 g

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