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L.W Knives APACHE Integral Folding Knife Hand Rubbed M390 Steel Titanium Handle

L.W Knives APACHE Integral Folding Knife Hand Rubbed M390 Steel Titanium Handle

L.W Knives Apache
A sharp, flipping piece of art
The Apache is a MUST HAVE for any serious knife collector. It is exceptionally well made and packed with fantastic features, yet the asking price is half of what it should be. You get the best knife steel made to date, Bohler M390, in stonewashed finish, an integral titanium frame with a magnificent orange peel finish and gold anodized, Tritium insert in pocket clip, Custom thumb studs & custom pivot and the two special tools to open it. All in one awesome integral knife, The Apache.
The Apache is in the gategory of mid-tech knives. It is made using the best materials and most advance technologies. The knife is hand assembled and hand finished by skillful knife makers at L.W Knives. The fit, finish and performance of the Apache is mindblowing. The more you handle the knife, the more you fall in love with it.  
The integral frame is made of a single piece of titanium. A complicated and labour intensive process that transforms a thick slab of solid titanium into a one-piece integrl frame. Not only to increase the durability and strength, but to create something prestigious and unique that not many knife makers are able to achieve. The surface of the handle is CNC machined one more time to make the grooves, then tooled to create that eye catching orange peel effect. Not to mention the gold anodizing is flawless. 
Bohler M390 is simply the best all round knife steel made to date. The superior edge retention, extreme hardness and toughness as well as excellent corrosion resistance qualities put the M390 on top of best knife steels chart. The stonewashed finish looks great too. The blade is razor sharp out of the box and will stay that way for a very long time. Caged bearing system and hard detent make the Apache a very responsive and super fast flipper. Apache is also every bit smooth as it is fast.
If all of that wasn't enough, Apache has a self illuminating Tritium insert in the pocket clip, comes with zippered case, microfiber cloth and the special tools for opening the proprietary pivot screw. 
Do not attempt to disassemble the knife or open the pivot screw or you may not be able to re-assemble the knife properly. Integral knives require extra skill and knowledge to assemble. If you are not familiar with this type of knives, contact us for assistance.
  • Specification

    Overall length                             22.8 cm
    Blade length                                 10.3 cm
    Closed length                               12.5 cm
    Blade thickness                           4mm
    Blade material                            Bohler M390
    Blade finish                                  Hand rubbed satin 
    Handle Material                         Integral Titanium,  Gold Anodized
    Weight                                           158g
    Special feature                             Tritium insert, Custom Pivot Tool
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