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Custom Todd Begg Beggatti Star Strike Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Mirror XHP Blade

Custom Todd Begg Beggatti Star Strike Carbon Fibre, Titanium, Mirror XHP Blade

SKU: H4433Q

A very rare variation of Beggatti from one of the best knife makers of the recent generation


The name Todd Begg is synonymous with the highest quality in craftsmanship and utter perfection. Todd is a highly regarded in the knife world as one of top 5 living knife makers. He currently holds the prestigious seat of the president of the American knife guild. Todd's handmade knives are a reflection of his mastery & rare skill set. His handmade pieces are highly coveted and desired by any serious collector. In recent years, Todd has departed from his family business (now known as Begg Knives) and is now working on his own (Todd Begg Knives), producing a very limited number of knives a year. With Todd edging closer to retirement, his knives are sure to surge in price and are a wise investment.


This Beggatti is the quintessential Todd Begg. It has all the signature design elements that Todd Begg is known for in one place. The blade and handle flute with alternating small & large holes is what Todd Begg is known for. The jewelling on the outside & inside of the backspacer which is referred to as "cracked ice" finish is another signature of Todd Begg designs. And last but not least is the ceramic ball pocket clip insert that was invented by Todd Begg. This feature became so popular so quickly that it was adopted by other famous custom knife makers and production companies, some without Todd's permission, and is now widely used in the knife industry.


This particular Beggatti is specially collectible. Firstly, it has star strike carbon fiber inlays which were rarely used by the company and are very sought after. Secondly, this knife was made when Todd Begg himself was still in the company and involved in the making of the knives. Todd later departed the company "Todd Begg Knives" following a legal dispute and fallout with his brother Mark. The company is now trading as "Begg Knives" and Todd has no involvement in it. Todd still makes knives under the name "Todd Begg Knives". However, his older an most famnous designs such as Bodega & Beggatti are owned by the old company and Todd can't replicate them. Hence the original models from the era when Todd was still the head of the company are very hard to find and sought after today.


We can write pages upon pages about the quality & craftsmanship that goes into this full custom Beggatti but like any work of art, one must see and feel this knife to fully appreciate it. If you have been contemplating on owning a Todd Begg knife, this rare offering at a great price is not to be missed. Additionally, the star strike carbon fibre inlay is very hard to come by, if ever, and is a guaranteed investment.


Important Note:

This knife is manufactured in 2015-2016. The knife originally came without a certificate of authenticity. The original owner had cotacted Mark at Todd Begg Knives to obtain a re-issue certificate in 2017. The re-issue certificate was issued with 2 mistakes; A) The clip states "Jewelled Ice" -It's actually hand satin B) "Engine turned lock scallop" - The lock scallop is plain This error was caused due to the wrong video being sent to Mark for certificated to be issued based on. You can contact Mark and request a new certificate with correct details to be issued for you free of charge



  • Mint condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with zipper pouch and certificate of authenticity



  • Specification

    • Full custom Todd Begg
    • Mirror Polished XHP double fluted blade
    • Solid titanium handles and pocket clip
    • Star strike carbon fiber inlay
    • Hand satin finish on frame
    • IKBS ceramic bearing system and detent ball
    • Cracked Ice jeweled finish backspacer
    • Overall Length: 22.4 cm
    • Blade Length: 10 cm
    • Cutting Edge: 9.6 cm
    • Closed Length: 13 cm
    • Blade Thickness: 6.3 mm
    • Weight 256 g
    • Handmade in the USA
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