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Custom Knife Factory Trekoza Knife With 2 Sets Of Scales M390 Blade Rare

Custom Knife Factory Trekoza Knife With 2 Sets Of Scales M390 Blade Rare

SKU: G9755C

This Is The Best Example Of CKF Trekoza We Have Ever Seen

Very hard to find model, especially in new condition with extra set of scales


The CKF Trekoza is another superb design by Alexey Konygin. These are very hard to find knife, especially with both sets of scales and in this fantastic condition.


The Trekoza (Meaning dragonfly in Russian) is one of the coolest knives CKF has ever produced. The knife came installed with a set of transparent Polycarbon scales that revealed the beautifully skeletonised titanium frame of the knife. It perfectly resembled a dragonfly and there couldn't be a more appropriate name than Trekoza for this knife. CKF also sold the optional Carbon Fiber scales separately for the knife, which are included in this listing.


If you thought the handle is impressive, then take a look at the blade. The M390 blade features an insanely beautiful double hollow grind. Yes you heard it right. The blade has a double hollow grind starting from the centre and spreading in two directions. This is something barely seen and not to mention a very difficult one to achieve. This reduces the weight on the blade as well as making it a fantastic slicer.


If you are looking for something unique & quirky with real collectible value and something that you won't see other brands even trying their hands on, The CKF Trekoza is the perfect fit.

Should you request, we can Swap & install the scales with the transparent Polycarbon ones and will disassemble, clean & lubricate the knife for you for FREE OF CHARGE.



  • New condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original pouch, certificate card and microfiber cloth




  • Overall Length:            228 mm
  • Blade Length:               102 mm
  • Blade Material:             M390
  • Blade Grind:                  Double hollow
  • Blade Finish:                  Satin
  • Edge Type:                     Plain
  • Handle Length:            125 mm
  • Weight:                            119 g
  • Handle Material:          Titanium+polycarbon +extra CF scales
  • Frame Material:            Titanium
  • Designer:                         Alexey "Ratatuy" Konygin
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