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Custom Knife Factory Kanza Utility Knife Full Titanium Construction

SKU: YG-8999



Anton Malyshev has been busy this year designing multiple models for Custom Knife Factory. His newest creation is very different and something new for CKF as well. The CKF Kanza is what we'd like to call the modern man/ urban guy's utility knife. While it does the simple job that a utility knife is designed for -mainly opening boxes- it delivers the sense of quality and prestige that a true knife enthusiast will appreciate. The Kanza is the custom knife of the box cutter world.


The CKF Kanza is super slim and very light weight. At only 9 mm thickness and 39 grams, Kanza slips into your pocket easily and is very comfortable to carry. This classy little tool is a perfect companion anywhere you go, even travelling overseas. With the ability to remove the blades, you are safe take this tool with you to the airport. The CKF Kanza takes standard Stanley 1992 trapezoid utility blades (Part No. 11-921) which are easily available in any hardware store anywhere in the world.


The lock was intentionally designed to require two handed opening/closing. This eliminates accidental opening and more importantly, blade closure/failure when cutting with pressure applied to the knife. The lock release is designed to open with left hand, that way you will not accidentally disengage the lock when you are using the knife with your right hand. The lock on Kanza can hold the blade in 2 different positions; half-opened and fully opened.


The Kanza Utility Knife comes with a high quality pouch, microfibre cloth and a set of spare hardware


  • Specifications

    Dimensions:    3.54" x 1.06" x 0.35" (90x 27x 9 mm)
    Weight:              39 g

    Blade:                 Stanley 1992 trapezoid utility blades (Part No. 11-921)

$299.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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