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Cold Steel Hold Out Folding Knife CTS-XHP Blade G10 Handle Free Lansky Sharpener

Cold Steel Hold Out Folding Knife CTS-XHP Blade G10 Handle Free Lansky Sharpener

SKU: P3355P

Comes With The Sought After CTS-XHP Blade & Free Lansky Sharpnening Tool


The Hold Out has fast become one of Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson's favorite folding knives. Ideal for military and law enforcement personnel, or just law abiding citizens who may find themselves in harm's way, the Hold Out series provide the comfort and peace of mind that comes from carrying a high performance folder but in an astoundingly lightweight and easy to carry package.


Ounce for ounce, they may well be the strongest folding knives in the industry! Their beautiful, minimalist design is a wonder of functionality; while deceptively simple in appearance, they represent a huge array of design breakthroughs and a staggering amount of performance!

The Hold Out's beautiful satin polished blades are extremely broad; they are flat ground from the spine, with a shallow "V" cross-section culminating in a razor sharp hand-honed edge. Continuously curved from the heel to the needle-sharp tip, the blade cuts and shears through tough and fibrous material with ease and makes short work of tasks that would challenge many of the folding knives on the market today.


Its American G10 handle is a wonder of ergonomic design. Allowing a full and secure four-finger grip. It is wonderfully secure in hand and will not roll or twist with use. The grip enhancing G10 and handle holes further aid traction in a wide range of grips, working equally well tip up, down in an "ice pick" grip or even held like a push dagger!


Incredibly thin and flat, with an ambidextrous pocket clip designed for deep carry, even the largest of the Hold Out series is easily concealed in a pocket, clipped into a waistband or tucked into a boot. The blade and handle geometry and the positioning of the Tri-Ad lock in the Hold Outs came together perfectly. Working together to create a knife whose strength versus weight ratio stunned even our own research and development team!




  • New Condition
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original box & Free Lansky Sharpener



  • Specification

    Overall length                            9" (229 mm)

    Blade length                               4" (101 mm)

    Blade thickness                         3.5 mm

    Blade material                             CTS-XHP

    Blade finish                                  Satin

    Handle Material                         Black G-10

    Weight                                           4.2 oz (120 g)

$260.00 Regular Price
$245.00Sale Price
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