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Aegis Solutions EDCi Everyday Corrosion Inhibitor 4 Oz Bottle




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EDCi aids in rust and corrosion prevention on any type of metal, and is safe for metal finishes such as DLC, gun bluing, Cerakote, anodized finishes, and PVD coatings. EDCI is a safe choice because it is non-toxic and non-flammable.


Simply spray on, rub in, and wipe dry. That's it. You're left with a clean, dry surface that will not attract dirt, dust, lint or promote fingerprinting. We always recommend that you use a microfiber cloth to apply EDCi.

Use EDCi on anything that you don't want to rust. Knives, kitchen cutlery, firearms, firearm sights, coins, steel kitchen appliances, car & motorcycle parts... everything. Use it to clean the surface and you're automatically applying rust protection at the same time.


If you are using oils or cloths impregnated with oils or mineral spirits, you are leaving behind a film which not only creates unsightly fingerprints, but also attracts dirt, dust and even pocket lint. For a folding knife, this is bad because you're actually attracting and collecting particles that will increase friction and slow down the action as well as make it feel gummed up over time. This means you'll be cleaning more often than you need to.


EDCi was initially developed for knife maintenance. Even the highest quality stainless steels can and will rust with use and over time. When you decide to clean your blade (even just to remove some fingerprints), use EDCi. While you're cleaning, you're also applying a layer of protection at the same time. Many of the finest knives are made with carbon steels and Damascus which can rust very easily. Instead of constantly oiling the blades, and leaving a sticky film behind, incorporating EDCi into your regular maintenance routine prevents all corrosion.


For firearm owners, EDCi is a next-level product that provides benefits not offered by any other product on the market. When talking about preventative maintenance on firearms, the subject of whether or not to oil the bore is often brought up. You want to prevent corrosion inside of the barrel, however all experts will tell you that prior to shooting, you should run a clean patch through the bore to remove the leftover oil. That's because even the slightest film left inside the bore can cause fouling, and an excessive amount can increase pressures and cause failure. While the latter is a rare case, the former is all too common.


And those who shoot for precision worry about the slightest change in bore tolerances which can cause the gun to be less accurate. With EDCi you are preventing any type of corrosion and are left with a totally dry, clean bore with no film or build-up, and nothing leftover to collect dust.


What if you have Cerakote or other finishes that completely cover the metal? Well, your sights aren't coated and will rust quickly if not cared for, especially if you're carrying the gun regularly. EDCi will prevent that unsightly layer of rust from ever forming.


Do you own a motorcycle or other recreational vehicle? Nothing diminishes your pride more than seeing rust pitting up your expensive chrome, or other metal accessories. A simple spray and wipe down with EDCi as part of your regular cleaning will help keep all your shiny stuff rust-free.


Other uses: Spray and wipe down any metal in your life to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • BBQ grill lids and hardware
  • Patio furniture and hardware
  • Steel kitchen appliances
  • Steel (and other metal) wristwatches
  • Kitchen cutlery including pizza cutters (how many have you thrown away?)
  • That cheap rack in your shower that holds your wife's 35 bottles of shampoo
  • Kitchen & bathroom fixtures such as faucets and handles
  • And hundreds of other uses.


EDCi also greatly slows down the aging and patina process on metals such as brass, bronze and copper. So if you want to preserve the look of shiny new brass/bronze/copper, spray on and wipe off with EDCi and enjoy that fresh look for longer.

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