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The Magnificent Buck 40 Onset

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A while ago, Buck Knives USA released a very limited batch of these knives, 250 of them to be precise, as part of their Legacy Collection. We were privileged to acquire a handful of these stunning works of art and offer them in our store. The Buck 40 Onset is in many ways a breakthrough and a very radical move for Buck Knives.

Buck Knives is one of the oldest knife manufacturers around, producing quality, cost effective and reliable knives since 1902. Their model 110 Folding Hunter was a revolution at the time it was released in 1964 and was what gave Buck Knives an edge over the competition. In fact, the mode; 110 Folding Hunter holds the title of "the most produced and most copied knife" in the history of knife making!

In the knife community, the name Buck is synonymous with old school, grandfather style knives. Not this time.

The model 40 Onset has a different story to tell. It is nothing like what we typically see from Buck. It's far from it actually. The Onset is in the category of mid-techs, something that Buck Knives has never done before. It is also the first time Buck has made a knife with Damasteel blade and one of the very few knives they have made with titanium handle. It's also their first knife with framelock mechanism and lockbar stabiliser. When adding sculpted titanium pocket clip, Damasteel backspacer and ball bearing pivots system to the mix, you realise how special the model 40 onset really is. And we haven't factor in the rarity of the knife yet. It is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, that's all!

We were privileged to have a handful of these beautiful gems for offer in our store a few months ago. If you were lucky enough to get one, it is going to be a fantastic collectable knife and a good investment too.

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