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We Are Authorised Australian ReyLight Dealer

Techno Silver Beads are handcrafted by artist & metalsmith Mikhail Ukolov, in Kostroma city, Russia.

Mikhail uses a mix of traditional & modern techniques to create interesting and unique beads. He works with different metals such as brass, bronze and sterling silver and often creates artifacts made from a combination of different metals. The attention to details is impressive, given the small size of these objects. Mikhail takes his craft to the next level and brings his beads to life by adding various types of patina to them. On top of that, he uses different surface finishes for better distinction.

The Techno Silver beads work very well as lanyard beads for knives, flashlights or even keyrings. They also look fantastic when used as pendants or on a bracelet. The fit & finish and details on Techno Silver beads are immaculate, so much that they still look sharp and crisp even in very close-up photos.

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