How it works

We offer professional sharpening for all types of folding knives and small fixed blades. Sharpening services are done by hand, using a Wicked Edge Pro precision sharpening system. This involves a multi-step honing and stropping process using various honing stones, ceramic stones, leather strops, balsa strops and variety of compounds, depending on the requirements.

Wicked Edge sharpening systems allows very accurate sharpening adjustments which results in an exceptionally uniform edge. The edge will have the exact same angle throughout its length, and on both sides. The result is a remarkably sharp blade that will perform better than ever before. Other benefits of this method of hand sharpening as opposed to using power tools are:

- It removes minimum material from the blade, ensuring durability and longevity.

- It preserves the heat treatment of the blade which is a critical factor in edge retention and performance.

- The edge of the blade will be far more uniform and refined compared to powered sharpening method.

Each sharpening session takes between 40 to 80 minutes depending on the size, steel type, blade grind, type of edge and level of refinement required.

We offer the following 3 levels of sharpening:


a) Utility Edge;   ($25 per knife)

Most factory edges are this type of edge. It has a wider edge angle, It is suitable for regular use and harder tasks such as cutting cardboard or ropes, and is less prone to chipping.

b) Razor Edge;   ($35 per knife)

This type of edge is extremely fine & sharp. We use a combination of diamond honing stones, ceramic stones and leather strop/compounds to bring the blade to a super fine edge. This type of edge is great for slicing, food prep and light daily use. We recommend this edge for high-end steels with higher Rockwell Hardness (58HRC and above) for optimized edge retention.

c) Mirror Polished Micro Bevel;   ($50 per knife)

This type of edge is the ultimate in sharpness and edge refinement. It has a much smaller edge angle (13 to 15 degree). A micro concave bevel is achieved by multiple stropping steps starting from 10 micron to 0.05 micron using a variety of compounds depending on the steel type. This allows the blade to get exceptionally sharp, as well as being mirror polished. This type of edge is great as a showpiece or for slicing and food preparation. It will be more vulnerable to shock and abuse due to the thinness of the edge, therefore requires more care. We recommend this for premium high wear resistance steels. 

How to order

All of our sharpening work is done by appointment.

There are two methods of ordering a sharpening service;

a) You may request a sharpening to any folding knife you are buying from our store.

Please submit the sharpening request form below before you order. We will send you an invoice for the sharpening service.

b) You may request a sharpening for any of your own folding knives. (Australia only)

Submit the sharpening request form below. We will provide you with instruction for posting your product to us. 

We require 3 business days for sharpening services. All orders will be processed after the sharpening is completed. Our standard same or next day shipping policy does not apply to customized orders.

For knives posted to Lion Knives for sharpening, customers are responsible for postage/return postage fees. Lion Knives does not accept liability for any loss or damage occurred during shipping. We strongly recommend using insurance and signature on delivery services. Upon customers' request, we may facilitate return postage services and add the postage fees to the invoice.

 * Please refer to our Term & Conditions for more information.

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