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We Are Authorised Australian ReyLight Dealer

Reylight was established by Rey Ye , the designer, engineer and owner of the company. Rey's obsession with flashlighhts started when he was a little boy. When his parents had to work night shifts during the winter, his grandfather would take him to the local power plant where he worked as a watchman. Rey watched his grandfather holding a flashlight all the times, when inspecting equipment. For Rey, a flashlight always symbolized family, responsibility and commitment.


 Rey started his own journey into the flashlight world in 2012 and made his first flashlight based on demand and specifications he received through flashlight forums. In 2014 he designed the first ReyLight flashlight, The Tripple Ti. In 2017 Rey quitted all of his other design projects and dedicated his full attention to his company, ReyLight. In the same year he designed the Brass Pineapple and the revolutionary LAN model. At the time, most AA flashlights could only produce 100 lumens. He designed this lights to be able to use a 14500 Li-ion battery and triple the output to 470 lumens.

Today ReyLight is a unique company with focus to semi-custom flashlights with manufacturing quality and features of high-end flashlights, but reasonable price tag of mass produced production flashlights.

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