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WE Knife Thug 2103C Folding Knife CPM 20CV Blade Marbled Carbon Fiber Handle

WE Knife Thug 2103C Folding Knife CPM 20CV Blade Marbled Carbon Fiber Handle

SKU: D8568V

WE Knife Co. Has been in the knife making business for a long time and have carved a reputation for excellent build quality and precision machining. WE Knife manufactures their own knives as well as producing knives and OEM parts for many US brands.


The Thug is a small tanto flipper, along the same lines as the Dreadnaught, and it is perfectly suited for everyday carry. WE Knives did an amazing job bringing this custom piece to life and making it much more readily available. Those who are familiar with Matt Christensen's work know just how hard it is to come by one of his knives. You either get lucky and win a lottery or score one on the secondary market, we don't even know if he's opened his books for orders in the past five years. However, Matt is now working with some of the most respected production companies to bring his excellent work to the masses, and the Thug is definitely worthy of a purchase. 


The Thug is solid, stylish, a smooth flipper and not too much of a safe queen that it won't be used. One of the best things about this knife is its propensity for cutting, no matter how you need to get it done. Grip it hard and use the recurved edge with maximum power or slide an index finger all the way up to the tip for ultra-fine detailed cutting. 



  • New condition
  • No marks or scratches
  • Comes with original box, microfiber cloth, zippered pouch and sticker



  • Specification

    Designed by Matthew Christensen

    Overall Length:          164.6 mm
    Closed Length:           96.2 mm
    Blade Length:              68.4 mm
    Blade Thickness:        4 mm

    Steel:                               CPM 20CV, Gray Hand Rubbed
    Hardness:                       59-61 HRC
    Handle Material:           Marbled Carbon Fiber & Titanium
    Weight:                            101 Grams

$360.00 Regular Price
$330.00Sale Price
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