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Venom Knives Wing Integral Titanium Frame Gentleman's/Dress Knife, M390 Blade

Venom Knives Wing Integral Titanium Frame Gentleman's/Dress Knife, M390 Blade

SKU: QP-2955


Next in the Venom Knives line up is the "Wing".  Venom Knives has designed several innovative knives that earned them worldwide respect and acknowledgement for their considerable skills and talent. The Wing is Venom's next level of excellent craftsmanship and precision. The design is clean, classy and well balanced, making the Wing a superb dress knife. Meanwhile, the integral structure, flawless fit & finish and custom touches place the Wing well above the main stream. 



It is of course an integral frame, made out of a single, solid billet of titanium. This is a laborious and delicate process of CNC machining combined with hand fitting and finishing. Highest level of precision and knife making skills are crucial in order to execute the design flawlessly. 



Bohler M390 steel is the ultimate knife steel and the best money can buy, period. Bohler refers to M390 as "Microclean" for its highly uniform and clean molecular structure. This enables M390 to take a very fine edge, as well as being able to take a true mirror polish. When it comes to edge retention, M390 is simply unbeatable.  This extremely high hardness, high wear resistance steel holds an edge for a very long time and needs minimum maintenance. It is also excellent in corrosion resistance, making M390 simply the best all round knife steel.



Venom Wing comes in a classy zippered case with internal pocket. Included is a special double sided tool for the custom hardware



  • Brand New
  • Comes with original pouch, micro fibre cloth and custom pivot tool



  • Specification

    • Overall length                         21.9 cm

      Closed length                          12.5 cm

      Blade length                             9.7 cm

      Blade thickness                       4 mm

      Blade material                          Bohler M390

      Blade finish                                Hand rubbed satin

      Handle Material                        Integral titanium

      Weight                                         158g

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