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Venom Knives T-Series Dagger Style Tactical Knife M390 Blade Titanium Handle

Venom Knives T-Series Dagger Style Tactical Knife M390 Blade Titanium Handle

SKU: XT4452

The T-Series is one of the newest additions to Venom's impressive line-up. This beefy, dagger style knife is a unique statement piece and an instant conversation starter. We have asked Venom Knives for an exclusive all-grey titanium handle finish and they delivered. The all grey handle without any anodizing is simple, classy and puts the focus on the beautifully sculpted titanium handles. Speaking of which, the handle is truly a work of art. The machining is spot on and the fit and finish is immaculate. We have only ever seen this type of handle sculpting done by Brian Tighe, the veteran Canadian knifemaker.


The handle isn't just good looking on the outside, it is also completely milled internally with weight reduction pockets. All the edges are bevelled and smoothened out to leave no sharp corners or hot spots. Most people don't realise -even after hours of looking at the knife- that the entire knife is put together with 2 screws only; A pivot screw and a long screw that threads the pocket clip and both sides of the handle together. To compensate for the lack of hardware, a solid backspacer and 7 barrel spacers are set along the spine for added rigidity. Genius!


The attention to the smallest details and fit & finish is astonishing, way beyond the price point of the knife. The T-Series is a prime example of under promising and over delivering; which simply translate to bang for the buck.


A solid chunk of M390 steel is beautifully ground to form the large, beefy blade on the T-Series. It is an eye catching drop point with a large sweeping belly. The flats are hand rubbed satin while the grinds are fine stonewashed. The spine of the blade is crowned, a feature reserved for custom knives and very rarely seen on production knives. The action is drop shut smooth and the flipping is very snappy and responsive.


Last but not least, The Venom T-Series comes with a classy Nylon pouch, a double sided custom pivot tool and a microfiber cloth.

  • Specifications

    Overall length                            23 cm

    Blade length                               10.5 cm

    Closed length                             12.8 cm

    Blade thickness                          4 mm

    Blade material                             M390

    Blade finish                                  Statin & Stonewashed

    Handle Material                         Titanium

    Weight                                           162 g

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