Venom Knives New Concept Tactical Flipper Folding Knife S35VN Blade Purple

Venom Knives New Concept
The pinnacle of precision and innovation
The Venom New Concept is the 3rd knife in the Venom series. It is the largest and most technically advanced Venom Knives design to date. This prestigious tactical folder features an intriguing combination of innovation and aesthetic excellence. 
The New Concept features a special dual-lock mechanism never seen before in any folding knife. This Venom Knives invented locking mechanism features a spring loaded and geared lockbar stabiliser. After the blade is opened and the lock is engaged, the stabiliser will turn a few notches and lock the lockbar itself! It is impossible to disengage the lock without releasing the stabiliser first. This provides an unparalleled lock strength on this knife.
The New Concept's handle is a show case of precision machining and artistic knife making skills. The intricate milling pattern starts super fine near the pivot screw and continues to the end of the handle. The lines not only widen, but the get deeper as they go. This is a result of endless hours of design and precision programming by Venom Knives. The anodizing of the handle is also a true work of art. Two tone anodized handle features mouth watering lime green on the polished flats and aqua on the matte grooves. It almost creates an optical illusion when different colours dance off the surface under different light angles.
Although the Venom New Concept has a dressy and classy appearance, it is extremely rugged and beefy. The handle is thick and rock solid and the blade is large and hefty. The New Concept sports an arm shaving, hair popping sharp, flat ground blade with a sand blasted fuller. The satin finish is hand rubbed and it looks amazing. The deployment is super sonic fast and so is the lock up. The Venom New Concept comes with its own prestigious carry pouch and cleaning cloths.
Do not attempt to force the lock open.  Simply roll the stabiliser back (clockwise) and hold it, then push the lock bar out to disengage the lock. If you are unsure, we are here to help.
  • Specification

    Overall length                             22.4 cm
    Blade length                               9.7 cm
    Closed length                             12.9 cm
    Blade thickness                          4mm
    Blade material                            S35VN
    Blade finish                                Hand rubbed satin 
    Handle Material                         Titanium, Anodized
    Weight                                       156g
    Special feature                            Dual lock mechanism
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