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Venom Knives Attacker Tactical Knife Bohler M390 Steel Titanium Carbon Fiber

Venom Knives Attacker Tactical Knife Bohler M390 Steel Titanium Carbon Fiber

SKU: S2289D

An Exceptional compound ground blade matched with a superb bolster lock!

Every single part of the Venom Attacker is meticulously designed and made with the best materials and precision machinery available. The knife is made to be rugged, ergonomic, functional and ridiculously good looking! The fit and finish is flawless. The carbon fiber blade inlay, M390 steel, carbon fiber scales, TC4 titanium and Tritium vial, it's all there. If this was manufactured in The US, the price would have been in excess of $800. Venom Attacker simply wins over many knives priced twice as much in terms of fit, finish, features, function, design and craftsmanship.
The Venom Attacker tactical folder features an aggressive blade profile with a magnificent double sided carbon fiber inlay on the blade flat. This unique feature is very rarely seen on knife blades to due manufacturing complications and high production cost. The inlay is seamless and done to perfection. The carbon fiber inlay is so flat to the touch it's hard to believe it's a different material. The compound ground blade gives the knife a modern and futuristic character. 
Bohler M390 steel is the ultimate knife steel and the best money can buy, period. Bohler refers to it as "Microclean" for its extremely uniform and clean molecular structure. This allows M390 to take a very fine edge and be able to be polished to a true mirror. When it comes to edge retention, M390 is simply unbeatable.  This extremely high hardness, high wear resistance steel holds an edge for a very long time and needs minimum maintenance. It is also excellent in corrosion resistance, making M390 simply the best all round knife steel.
Handle is made of titanium and features a carbon fiber handle scale on the presentation side, matching with the blade inlay.  The lock side is all titanium which adds ruggedness and excellent corrosion resistance while keeping the overall weight to only 160g. 
The titanium framelock offers a solid and early lock up, with the addition of a stainless steel lockbar insert to increase the durability of the mechanism. The flipper action is buttery smooth thanks to the bearing washers. With the perfectly adjusted detent ball and a very responsive flipper, the blade fires out lightening fast. The closing action is also very smooth. Venom Attacker's action is so addictive you would want to flip it all day long. 



  • New condition, Not carried or used
  • No marks or blemishes
  • Comes with original zippered pouch & Microfiber cloth



  • Specification

    Overall length                              223 mm

    Blade length                                 97 mm

    Blade thickness                           4 mm

    Blade material                              Bohler M390

    Handle Material                          Titanium and carbon fiber

    Weight                                            160g

    Special feature                            Tritium-illuminated pocket clip

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