TwoSun Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen Triangular Body Sandblasted


TwoSun Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Great EDC Size & Smooth Action



TwoSun have produced many great knives and tasteful designs in the recent years. They have also entered the EDc pen segment with 2 beautiful designs. The Bolt action pen features a nicely milled triangular titanium body. The surface of the pen is sandblasted for maximum smooth feel and is available in grey sandblasted or flame anodized finishes.


The triangular shape provides better stability in hand and helps reducing fatigue if you use a pen too often. Also the light weight (32 g) is a ideal for prolonged use.  The bolt action is smooth, responsive and secure. 


The milled titanium pocket clip is fixed to the body with a single torx hex screw. The TwoSun bolt pen is compatible with common pen refills such as fisher Space Pen. It comes in a high quality hard plastic carry box with internal foam. 

  • Specifications

    Overall length            12 cm

    Handle material        Titanium

    Pen Diameter            12 mm

    Weight                       32 g

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