Tripple Stage Titanium & Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen Glass Breaker Tip

Unique Design & Innovative Tripple Action Bolt Mechanism




The Tripple Stage Bolt Action pen features a machine titanium body with a carbon fiber main tube. The titanium parts are available in machine satin or sandblasted finishes.. 


The Tripple Stage bolt deploys the pen on the lowest position of the bolt. In the middle position, it will retrieve the pen and remains in ready position. On the upper position, it will deploy the hardened glass breaker/ impact tip.

The Tripple Stage Bolt pen is very light weight and easy to carry. It features a titanium pocket clip and milled pen tip for ease of use. 

  • Specifications

    Overall length           13 cm

    Handle material        Titanium & Carbon Fiber

    Pen Diameter            10 mm

    weight                      25 g

    Tripple Stage Bolt Mechanism
    Glass breaker/ Impact tip

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