TOPS El Chappo Tactical/ Survival Knife 1095 Steel Micarta Handle


El Chappo


Leo Espinoza, TOPS’ President, has played with a few cleaver designs in the past and decided that with the success of the FMS knives and since TOPS is debuting a chef’s knife this year, it was time to make El Chappo happen.


While this cleaver can be used for heavier veggie chopping tasks, it's primarily made to cut meat. With a blade length of 6” and a thickness of 3/16”, this cleaver has the weight and capability to help you take care of whatever meat processing you may encounter. It's made of 1095 high carbon steel and has TOPS' new Acid Rain finish. It comes with a Kydex Blade cover that is held in place with an elastic shock cord.


El Chappo is a cleaver that is as useful in the kitchen as it is in the field. So whether you are in the kitchen making dinner or in the hunting camp processing your latest harvest, El Chappo might be exactly what you need.


Note: The process used to create the Acid Rain finish produces a unique look on each blade. No two knives with this finish will look exactly alike.

  • Specification

    Overall length           27.94 cm
    Blade length            15.25 cm
    Blade thickness        4.8 mm
    Blade steel                1095
    Blade finish               Acid rain
    Handle material         Black Canvas Micarta
    Sheath                       Black Kydex
    Knife weight               451 g
    Weight with sheath    470 kg
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