TOPS ALRT 01 Neck Knife/ Survival Tool 1095 Steel, Kydex Sheath Made in USA



Anywhere last resort tool
A small, reliable, extra strong tool that has been carried by guys around the world. Worn as a neck knife, on a keychain, or around your car's steering column just in case you need a quick grab. Notably damn handy to have around. Pocket Size with Snap Link.
Sometimes, depending on the situation you can't reach your main blade or don't want an attacker to know that you're armed. This knife was made for exactly those situations. Turns out it's an excellent utility knife and EDC as well.
This excellent handy little knife comes with a ball chain, a carabiner clip, a safety whistle and an LED keychain light. Superb value for your money!
  • Specification

    Overall length           8.9 cm
    Cutting edge             3.65 cm
    Blade steel                1095
    Blade finish              Traction coated
    Knife weight              56.7g
    Weight with sheath    85g
AU$79.00 Regular Price
AU$59.00Sale Price
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