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SOG Knives Creed Original Vintage CD-01L Model Bowie Blade Kraton Handle

SOG Knives Creed Original Vintage CD-01L Model Bowie Blade Kraton Handle

SKU: W7946S

The Original Vintage SOG CD-10L Bowie Knife, Highly Collectible


If you love Crocodile Dundee, want a serious knife that inspires confidence, looks great on your belt, in your hand and in a show case... and has the day job of performing just about any task you could expect from a knife, axe or machete, we’re pretty sure you’ll absolutely love the SOG Creed.


The SOG Creed is a large, well-crafted, high performance and classy knife that has some obvious design influences borrowed from the classic Jim Bowie knives of the 1830s and the more modern versions manufactured in the past 180 years. The look of the breed comes from the large blade, cross guard / hand guard and the clip point. While the original “Bowie” knife was known as a fighting knife, the SOG Creed’s big belly design and stout front make it useful as a camp, survival and extreme hunting knife. 


The SOG Creed is made out of AUS 8 stainless steel and enjoys SOG's unique cryogenic heat treatment that is said to increase overall steel strength and edge retention. The handle has a total length of about 4 inches (or 10.2 centimeters) and should be suitable for all but the very largest of hands. Now the grip of this knife is made out of what SOG calls Kraton. It’s basically a rubberized, over-molded and very grippy material that has a raised cross hatch pattern on the sides and a lateral pattern on the top and bottom to help you hold on in changing weather conditions.




  • Great vintage condition
  • fine scratch lines along the blade length (too fine to capture in photos)
  • Small spots on the blade
  • Comes with original leather sheath 


  • Specification

    Blade Steel: AUS-8 Stainless Steel 
    Blade hardness: RC. 57-58
    Blade Finish: Satin-polished
    Weight: 362g
    Overall Length: 30cm
    Blade Length: 19cm 
    Edge: Plain
    Handle: Kraton
    Carry System: Black Leather Sheath

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