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Shirogorov Neon NL Elmax Blade Titanium Handle Micarta Inlays

Shirogorov Neon NL Elmax Blade Titanium Handle Micarta Inlays

SKU: S3998B

A masterpiece of knife making from Shirogorov


Shirogorov Knives is the company that put Russia on the map of knife collectors worldwide. They are known for their impeccable, lightning-fast action and clean designs. In just over 10 years they went from making knives in their garage to winning the Best Tactical Folder award at BLADE Show. The company is obsessed with quality, and this dedication is reflected in every piece that comes out of their workshop in Yaroslavl.


The Neon flipper is a compact version of Shirogorov's most recognizable model, the F95, which has been referred to as the Sebenza of flippers. Chris Reeve's Sebenza is the production folder by which all others are compared for its simple, straight forward design and utterly tight tolerances. The Neon has the flipping action that every other designer and maker strives to achieve. It's crisp, fast, smooth and creates a snap unparalleled in the industry. Once unlocked, the blade effortlessly drops back into the handle for another actuation.


The mid-tech Neon NL flipper is a complete redesign of the Neon Ultra-Lite, retaining only the name and slender, compact overall shape. The changes start are the tip of the blade, more dramatically pointed than its predecessor for better penetration while the edge actually adds more belly for additional slicing prowess. The handle is more slender from spine to lock near the pivot for improved ergonomics while the backspacer has been removed in lieu of standoffs. The sculpted titanium clip with hidden hardware has been relocated slightly for better pocket presence and it's even lighter than the Ultra-Lite, even though it's a larger knife overall.


The Neon NL could become the jewel of your collection, especially if you prefer smaller knives. It's such a rare and utterly perfect knife in every way that it will undoubtedly knock whatever you're currently carrying out of your pocket and maybe for good. The action is faster and smoother than any other knife in our building. The 3.25" drop point blade is made from Elmax stainless steel with a high flat grind. The ultra-thin handle is stonewashed titanium with green canvas Micarta inlays and a matching milled titanium clip that's one of the most copied clip designs out there because it looks amazing and just works. The Neon NL features a replaceable lockbar insert and flow-through pillar construction for reduced weight. If you've wanted to add a Shirogorov to your collection, this is it!




  • Brand New ccondition
  • No marks
  • Comes with original box and microfiber cloth


  • Specification

    Blade length:           87 mm

    Overall length:         19 mm

    Blade thickness:      3.4 mm

    Lock type:                   Frame-lock

    Blade material:          Elmax

    Handle material        Titanium, Green Micarta Inlay

    Pivot System              MRBS

    Weight                            76 g

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