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Rike 1508S Tactical Flipper Knife Integral Titanium Handle M390 Blade

Rike 1508S Tactical Flipper Knife Integral Titanium Handle M390 Blade

SKU: H8257X

Rike Knives is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers, along Reate and WE Knife. They have an enormous line up of interesting models in their arsenal and have proven their capability in design and execution. The Rike 1508S is a show case of their manufacturing capabilities.


The Rike 1508S is an integral frame knife, meaning that the entire handle is made from a single piece of titanium. This is an incredibly complex and labour intensive process that requires next level machining skills. The one piece construction adds rigidity to the handle and is visually stunning too.


The blade is made of M390 steel, a tried and true modern knife steel which is best known for its superior edge retention, toughness and great corrosion resistance characteristics. At 61HRC Rockwell hardness, this blade will retain its edge for a very long time without needing sharpening. The drop point blade features an elegant vapour finish.


While most integral knives are large in size due to machining limitations, Rike has managed to keep the footprint very small on the 1508S model. Quite impressively, this knife is slim, lightweight and elegant. It makes a great collection piece or a remarkable evryday carry knife.




  • New Condition
  • Very minor & hard to see snail trails on the lockbar insert and front handle (only visible in certain angels)
  • Comes with zippered pouch and microfiber cloth



  • Specification

    Overall Length:               7.67"/(19.5cm)
    Blade Length:                  3.25"/(8.2cm)
    Blade Thickness:            0.16"/(4mm)
    Blade Material:                Bohler M390
    Blade Hardness:              HRC60-61
    Handle Length:                4.45"/(11.3cm)
    Handle Thickness:          0.51"/(1.3cm)
    Weight:                                3.77 oz./(107g)

$480.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
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