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Reylight LAN Mokume Custom Flashlight FULL TRITIUM VERSION Limited Edition

Limited To Only 200 Pieces Worldwide
Reylight LAN Mokume With 16 Tritium Vials Installed!

Reylight Mokume LAN is tone of the finest Mokume custom flashlights in the market and is offered at an absolute bargain price. You can own a prestigious Flashlight made of Mokume Gane with 16 tritium vials installed for far less than most brass or titanium flashlights.

The Reylight Mokume LAN features a Mokume body with outstanding machining and a beautiful bead blasted finish. The body is machined with 16 slots for tritium vials. The light takes 12 tritium vials around the tail ring, 1 on the tail switch and 3 around the head.


All Mokume Lights have 12 Tritium Vials in the tail ring. 2 vials from each of the following colours:
Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, White, Orange, Pink

OPTION 1; 3 ice blue in the head/ 1 ice blue in the switch
OPTION 2; 3 green in the head/ 1 green in the switch
OPTION 3; 3 pink in the head/ 1 pink in the switch

The Reylight Mokume LAN features the popular Nichia 219C emitter widely used in many custom flashlights. It outputs an impressive 470 lumens on a 14500 battery with a desirable 4000K warm tint. The light features 4 modes starting with moonlight (0.2 lumens) to Max (470 lumens) on a 14500 Li ion cell. The Reylight Ti LAN V3 can also take the common AA batteries and will automatically adjust the outputs to AA to ensure a reasonable runtime. On AA battery the outputs are from 0.2 lumens to 130 lumens Max.

Reylight Mokume LAN one of the best custom flashlights in the market for its price. It punches above its weight with features like fully machined body with tritium slots, Nichia 219C emitter, reverse clicky switch, anti-reflective coated lens and a beautiful packaging with 2 spare O-rings included.

The Reylight Mokume LAN is tested to work with many popular batteries on the market such as:
Eneloop Rechargables
Duracell Alkaline's
Energiser Lithium Primary's
Sanyo 14500 Li-Ion's
Reylight 800mAh 14500 Li-Ion's (Included)

The optional charging kit includes an 800mAh ReyLight 1400 Li-Ion cell, a Liitokala Lii-100 charger and a Micro USB charging cable. (INCLUDED in this sale for free)
  • Specification

    • Material: Solid Mokume
    • LED: 4000k Nichia 219C High CRI
    • Compatible cells: AA or 14500
    • Finish: Bead blast
    • Dimensions: 97x21mm (3.8x0.8in)
    • Maximum output: 470 lumens
    • Minimum output: 0.2 lumens
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Low Voltage Protection to prevent damage to Li-Ion cell's
    • Active temperature control, to prevent damage to the LED/Driver
    • Anti-Reflective (AR) coated lens
    • Aluminium Orange Peel reflector
    • Reverse-clicky switch
    • Ability to tablestand
    • Improved pocket clip
    • Spare O-Rings
    • 16 tritium slots
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