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Reylight LAN Copper XPL Custom Flashlight AA/14500 Limited Edition

SKU: D7998A


Complimentary 14500 Battery Included!!


Reylight Copper LAN XPL is a limited edition of the LAN custom flashlight series. It comes with many upgrades and is the most complete version to date, packed with great features and improvements.


The Reylight Copper LAN features a Copper body with outstanding machining and a beautifulmachined finish. The body is now machined with 10 slots for tritium vials.The light can take 6 tritium vials around the tail ring, 1 on the tail switch and 3 around the head. 


The Reylight Copper LAN features the outstanding XPL emitter widely used in custom flashlights. It outputs an impressive 800lumens on a 14500 battery with a desirable 5000K tint. The light features 4 modes starting with moonlight (0.3 lumens) to Max (800 lumens) on a 14500 Li ion cell. The Reylight Copper LAN  can also take the common AA batteries and will automatically adjust the outputs to AA to ensure a reasonable runtime. On AA battery the outputs are from 0.3 lumens to 220 lumens Max.


Reylight Copper LAN is one of the best custom flashlights in the market for its price. It punches above its weight with features like fully machined Ti body with tritium slots, XPL emitter, reverse clicky switch, anti-reflective coated lens and a beautiful packaging with 2 spare O-rings included.


The Reylight Copper Lan is tested to work with many popular batteries on the market such as:

  • Eneloop Rechargables
  • Duracell Alkaline's
  • Energiser Lithium Primary's 
  • Sanyo 14500 Li-Ion's
  • Reylight 800mAh 14500 Li-Ion's (Included)




Since this is Copper, it naturally forms a patina, and darkens up. We have made efforts to minimize this, but can’t stop it. Don’t be surprised or upset if yours comes with the patina already forming. If you wish to remove the patina entirely, please use "Brasso" polish available in most hardware stores & even supermarkets. Click HERE

  • Specifications

    • Material: Copper
    • LED: 5000k XPL High CRI
    • Compatible cells: AA or 14500
    • Finish: Machined
    • Dimensions: 97x21mm (3.8x0.8in)
    • Maximum output: 800lumens
    • Minimum output: 0.3 lumens
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Low Voltage Protection to prevent damage to Li-Ion cell's
    • Active temperature control, to prevent damage to the LED/Driver
    • Anti-Reflective (AR) coated lens
    • Aluminium Orange Peel reflector
    • Reverse-clicky switch
    • Ability to tablestand
    • Improved pocket clip
    • Spare O-Rings
    • 10 tritium slots (installed tritium vials are an additional option)
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