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Reylight Krystal Titanium Quad XPL HI 2500 Lumens 18350 Flashlight Milled Clip


Reylight Krystal Titanium Quad XPL HI 


Krytal 2500 Lumen Titanium Flashlight

4 XPL LED Emitter Panel, Best-in-class brightness
Comes in high quality, durable & water tight metal tube case

High Quality KeePower IMR 1200 mAh Batteries are recommended and available to purchase here:



Key Specs:

  • Material: Solid titanium (Ti-6Al-4V / Grade 5)
  • Finish: Stonewashed
  • Battery: High-drain unprotected 18350
  • LED: XPL HI 6000K LED, XQE red secondary LED
  • Max output of 2,500 lumens, best in-class lumen-to-size-ratio
  • Sapphire lens provides unbelievable high scratch resistance and durability, as well as adding long lasting value to this art piece.
  • TIR optic
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery
  • Temperature control to avoid overheating problems
  • Ti clip and screws, screw spacing is also compatible with SF clips.
  • Unlimited combination of tritium vials (8 trit-slots around head, and 8 trit-slots on the tail).
  • Tritium size: 1.5*6mm (not included)
  • Dimensions: head diameter 27mm, tail diameter 25mm, length 87mm
  • Weight: 85g w/o battery (recommended batteries: Keeppower, Xtar, Efest 18350.)



  • 1-Indoor : Moon- 5%- 25%- 100%, starts at moon by default, no memory.
  • 2-Outdoor: 15%- 50%- 100% off-time memory.
  • 3-Tactical: 100%- strobe.
  • 4-Secondary LED: 25%- 100%-crazy strobe- beacon with 20% brightness background- breathing- beacon
  • Hidden group: mail LEDs, Heartbeating- crazy strobe- beacon with 10% brightness background- breathing- strobe



  • Click to turn on or off. Tap to cycle modes.
  • 1.5 seconds half pressing and hold to get into hidden group.
  • 9 or more quick taps to enter configuration mode.
  • At this time, flashlights will blink 4 times, (1234, interval, 1234, interval, 1234, finished.)
  • Half-press can select 1-4 groups.
  • Reverse battery protection, automatic temperature control.
  • Low battery reminder: below 3V, flash 3 times every 5 minutes.
  • Low power protection shutdown: Automatic shutdown below 2.7V.




For an even more upscale experience and the ultimate custom set up, we offer and highly recommend installation of tritium vials to your specifications. We currently have the following tritium colours available:

Ice Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange

Please contact us before you purchase to choose your colour combinations.

Tritium vials are $10 per piece and installation fee is $10




High Quality KeePower IMR 1200 mAh Batteries are recommended and available to purchase here:


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