Reate Mini Horizon D Flipper Knife M390 Blade Grey Titanium & Carbon Fiber


The Company

Reate has been a rising start in the high-end knife sector. The company is lead by the talented knife maker and machinist, David Deng. With so many well designed knives as well as collaborations with the biggest names in te industry like Tashi Bharucha and Todd Begg, Reate is here to make their mark.


The Mini Horizon D M390 Steel & Carbon Fiber, Grey

The Mini Horizon D is a perfect EDC size folder with a compact and convenient size while still packing a decent sized blade. The precisely machined handle features a perfectly fit carbon fiber inlay on the show side and a solid framelock with stainless steel insert on the lock side. And a milled pocket clip and backspacer along with titanium hardware complete this beautifully crafted knife. Fit & finish is flawless of course, as always is with Reate knives.


The blade is made of M390 super steel. Manufactured by the Swedish company Bohler, the M390 is one of the best steels developed for knife application to date. M390 offers exceptional edge retention due to high hardness and wear resistance. At the same time it has great corrosion resistance qualities. Dubbed as "Microclean", M390 has the ability to take a very fine edge and holds it for very long time. The blade runs on ceramic ball bearing washers and fires out very smoothly and quickly.


The Mini Horizon D comes with a high quality zippered case, dust proof pouch, microfiber cloth, a Reate patch and a set of spare hardware.

  • Specifications

    Overall length           20 cm

    Blade length             8.9 cm

    Handle length           11.2 cm

    Blade steel               Bohler M390

    Blade finish              Satin

    Handle material        Titanium, Carbon fiber

    Weight                     146 g

AU$448.00 Regular Price
AU$399.00Sale Price
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