Reate K-3 Tactical Flipper Knife Mokuti Inlay & Titanium, Drop Point CTS-204P


The Company

Reate has been a rising start in the high-end knife sector. The company is led by the talented knife maker and machinist, David Deng. With so many well designed knives as well as collaborations with the biggest names in the industry like Tashi Bharucha and Todd Begg, Reate is here to make their mark.


The K Series

The K series knives are by far Reate's best ever productions. The attention to details, fit & finish, choice of materials and precision is phenomenal. The K series knives are head and shoulders above any production knives we have ever seen and easily better than many mid-tech and custom knives. 


The K-3 Mokuti Drop Point

The Reate K-3 is about as good (and sexy) as a tactical knife can get. The K-3 attention to details in this complicated design is far superior to any of its rivals. The exotic Mokuti inlay on the presentation side is absolutely stunning. Mokuti is a rare and expensive pattern welded titanium alloy (also known as Timascus), mostly reserved for use in custom knives. Read our "Knife Handle Materials Explained" article to learn more about Mokuti. The K-3 sports a heavily milled titanium frame with beautiful, stepped down Mokuti inlays. The lock side features a solid framelock with even more milling and a sculpted titanium clip with ceramic detent ball, licenced by Todd Begg.


The backspacer on K-3 is a work of art stand alone and deserves its own review. The frame is carved out, exposing the sides of the beautifully fluted backspacer. Reate has even gone as far as polishing the flats on each side of the exposed area to create a contrast with the rest of the frame! You would not often see such details in custom knives priced 4 times the K-3. 


The K-3 sports one of the best blade grinds we have come across. The complex, aggressive and radical grind is a great match for the futuristic handle. The High quality CTS-204P super steel features a modified drop point with top harpoon! Not to miss the beautiful blade flute with blade holes and sand blasted finish!


Although the K-3 is a fairly large knife, the unique and elegant design, along with spot on ergonomics make it feel much smaller and lighter. The flipping action is silky smooth as you'd expect from a knife of this calibre. The K-3 comes with a high quality zippered case, dust proof pouch, microfiber cloth, a Reate patch and a set of spare hardware.


Mokuti Pattern and colours may be different from the photos.

  • Specifications

    Overall length           22.1 cm

    Blade length             9.7 cm

    Handle length           12.4 cm

    Blade steel               CTS-204P

    Blade finish              Satin

    Handle material        Titanium, Mokuti

    Weight                     167 g

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