Reate J.A.C.K Folding Knife Blue Titanium & Marbled CF Handle, Damasteel Blade

Reate J.A.C.K Folding Knife Blue Titanium & Marbled CF Handle, Damasteel Blade

SKU: F7558K

The Reate J.A.C.K Model with Damasteel Blade, Titanium & Marbled Carbon Fiber

The Reate J.A.C.K is a stunning new design by Solo Jack and executed to perfection, as usual, by Reate Knives. This large and heavy duty tactical blade is amongst the best knives Reate has ever produced.


The J.A.C.K features a marvellous integral titanium frame, meaning that the entire frame is machined out of a single piece of high grade titanium. This is a very complex process and takes immense amount of time and expertise to do correctly. To make it even more complex, Reate has inlayed the knife with beautiful marbled carbon. The inlay is ingeniously utilised by Reate to cover the framelock completely for a clean and uniform look on both sides. 


Reate's superb quality means that no detail is left untouched. Titanium hardware are polished and blue anodized and a beautiful pivot collar made of Damasteel is a classy touch indeed. 


The large and aggressive blade is made of Damasteel, a vey attractive steel often used in high end custom knives. The blade is polished and acid etched to bring out the desirable Damasteel Pattern.


Very few companies can match Reate's advanced temperature controlled edge grinding process. It ensures the heat treatment is preserved during edge grinding, meaning that you will get even better edge retention and performance in the same steel than you would get from other manufacturers. 


The opening and closing action is uber smooth and snappy right out of the box. The level of refinement and consistency in deployment and closing action achieved by Reate truly exceeds what you would expect from any production knife.




  • Brand new 
  • Not carried or used
  • Comes with original box, zippered pouch, microfiber bag, spare hardware, microfibre cloth, velcro patch



  • Specification

    Overall length           23.1 cm

    Blade length             10.1 cm

    Handle length           13 cm

    Blade steel               Damasteel

    Blade finish              Satin

    Handle material        Titanium, Marbled carbon fiber

    Handle Type            Integral Frame

    Locking                   Frame lock

    Pivot System           Ball bearings

    Weight                     191 g

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