Reate Crossroads Folding Knife Black Titanium & Marbled CF Handle, M390 Blade


The Reate Crossroads with Black Titanium & Marbled Carbon Fiber Handle

The Reate Crossroads is a collaborative effort between custom knifemaker Kirby Lambert and Reate Knives. It is Kirby's outstanding design and Reate's superb build quality combined, at a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for a custom Kirby Lambert knife. 


The titanium framelock features exquisite marbled carbon fiber onlays on both sides for a neat and uniform look. The titanium lockbar is mostly covered by the carbon fiber scale, creating what's referred to as a "bolster lock".  The framelock mechanism benefits from the stainless steel lock insert for durability and smoother operation. 


Reate has gone the extra mile to add a stunning custom pivot and anodised pivot collar to knife, making the Crossroad model as close to the custom version as it gets. No cutting corners, no shortcuts, Reate has even created a floating backspacer with anodised accents, as well as polished and anodised hardware. 


Reate's precision, quality and consistency is showcased once again in the ultra-smooth action of the Crossroads straight out of the box. With no breaking in, no fiddling and no adjustments, the blade flips super-fast and the closing action is drop shut smooth. 


For the blade choice, Reate settled with no less than the M390, arguably the most versatile super steel in the market. M390 is known for exceptional edge retention as well micro clean structure that allows it to take a very fine edge and retain it for a long time. It also has great toughness and corrosion resistance that make M390 the best all round steel there is. 


The Reate Crossroads comes complete with a high quality zippered pouch, velcro patch, spare hardware and microfiber cloth. 

  • Specifications

    Overall length           21.2 cm

    Blade length             9.3 cm

    Handle length           12 cm

    Blade steel               M390

    Blade finish              Satin

    Handle material        Titanium, Marbled carbon fiber

    Locking                   Bolster lock

    Pivot System           Ball bearings

    Weight                     145 g

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