Reate Baby Machine Limited Edition Folding Knife Grey Titanium Handle


The Company

Reate has been a rising start in the high-end knife sector. The company is lead by the talented knife maker and machinist, David Deng. With so many well designed knives as well as collaborations with the biggest names in te industry like Tashi Bharucha and Todd Begg, Reate is here to make their mark.


The Baby Machine Designed By Tashi Bharucha

Tashi Bharucha is one of the most exciting knife makers. This young talented French man doesn't shy away from trying something different and non-traditional. And he delivers epicly every time. The Baby Machine is another collaboration with Reate and is limited to 200 pieces only for each variation.


The Baby Machine is a small folding knife with sublime curves and angels. It feels so incredibly light weight and comfortable in hand. Stepped, chamfered, dimpled and internally hollowed, the handles on this knife are a work of art. 


The blade is typical of Tashi's design; wide, mean looking and sharp! While the Baby Machine is the smallest knife Tashi has designed, it still feels and looks like a beast thanks to its extra wide blade. The blade deployment is one of our favourite actions, specifically designed to be flicked from the opposite side rather than thumb opening.


The blade is made of Damasteel, RWL34 is a super steel developed by Damasteel. It is the Powder metallurgy version of the Japanese ATS34 steel. RWL34 was named in honour of Bob Loveless or RW Loveless by Damasteel. RWL34™ is particular successful product with very high strength and toughness combined with extreme edge sharpness that is easy to maintain. 


The Baby Machine comes with a high quality zippered case, dust proof pouch, microfiber cloth, a Reate patch and a set of spare hardware.

  • Specifications

    Overall length           18.9 cm

    Blade length             8.3 cm

    Handle length           10.5 cm

    Blade steel               RWL34

    Blade finish              Satin

    Handle material        Titanium

    Weight                     113.4 g

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