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Piston Flipper Knife Bolster Lock S35VN Blade Titanium & Carbon Fiber Handle

Piston Flipper Knife Bolster Lock S35VN Blade Titanium & Carbon Fiber Handle

SKU: V3649E

A classy gentleman folder with two impressive mechanisms;

Piston Flipper and Bolster Lock


The Piston Hidden Flipper

As usual, we would like to start from the best part and that is the unique flipping action that sets this knife apart. Unlike other flipper knives, the flipper tab on the Piston Flipper knife is not a part of the blade, in fact it's made of titanium. The flipper tab moves freely within the frame by utilising two pistons which run inside a circular channel around the pivot. in closed position a section of the blade engages the flipper and lifts it to "ready" position. Pulling back on the flipper will deploy the blade rapidly and feels like any other flipper at first, but the flipper then falls down inside the frame and neatly hides away in "locked" position. In this position the flipper doubles as the blade stop when the blade is fully deployed and locked. Sounds too complicated? 


The Bolster Lock

Is there more? YES, the fascinating bolster lock! You have noticed already that both sides of the handle are almost the same, featuring raised carbon fiber scales masterfully inlayed in the titanium frame, so instead of a presentation side (dress side) and a lock side, you get 2 presentation sides! This is thanks to the bolster lock mechanism. At the first glance bolster lock seems like a sub-lock but it is actually a full framelock. The surface of the lockbar is milled out to accommodate the carbon fiber inlay. This is done with extreme precision and super attention to details that there is barely a notable difference between the two sides.


What's More

For ultimate performance premium S35VN steel is used. The blade is elegant, as you would expect from a gentleman folder, with sexy bi-directional satin finish; yet it is quite large and very sharp indeed. It runs on ball bearings, making the deployment smooth and fast. Lock up is very early at around 15%-20% and blade centering is perfect.

The entire titanium frame is sand blasted for a very smooth surface, then the pocket clip, backspacer and custom pivot screws are anodised in a vibrant blue.


The Piston Flipper knife offers features that are very rarely seen on production knives. Features like bolster lock that are even rare to come across on custom made knives are generously offered at a very reasonable and affordable price.



  • Brand New
  • Comes with original zippered pouch



  • Specification

    • Overall length 22.5cm

      Blade length 10.1cm

      Closed length 12.5cm

      Blade steel S35VN

      Hardness 59-61 HRC

      Handle material Titanium & Carbon fiber

      weight 130g

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