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Peshkov Papaha Custom Handmade Bi-Metallic Bead With Patina, Made In Russia


Handmade Custom Beads From Russia


Brothers Aleksander & Artem Peshkov work out of a small workshop in Russia. They are incredibly talented and are able to turn their creative fantasies into cool objects. Each bead is handcrafted with ultimate attention to details. The forced patina is a time consuming & difficult technique to master, it adds character to the beads and ensure colour durability. Some of the Peshkov beads feature a bi-metallic construction, where parts of the beads are made from different metals (Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass) and welded together to create a stunning appearance.


These intricate beads feature outstanding attention to details and production quality. They will look great as lanyard beads on knives, flashlights, pry bars, etc. But you can also (and we encourage you to) turn them into a unique pendant or even a bracelet and see heads turn and eyes pop!


Material             Bi-metallic, Sterling Silver Cap & Bronze Face

Weight              15 g

Hole Diameter   5.5 mm

Longest Point   26.5 mm

Widest Point     15.5 mm

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