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Paul's Knives Custom Hunter Acid Etched RWL34 Steel, Snake Skin Juma Handle


This custom fixed blade by Paul Emmanuel Arestan of Paul's Knives is a unique collectible piece of fine cutlery. Paul's interpretation of art knife is mixing dragon skin Juma with old school hammered copper guard and modern RWL34 super steel. To add to this wild mix of awesomeness, Paul etched the blade with an outstanding hand drawn design.


Paul has developed and mastered his own etching techniques. It envolves a laborious and painstaking process of hand painting and etching the steel several time, each time with changes to the drawing and etching time in order to create a variably raised pattern. The result is a stunning etched design with incredibly fine details comparable to laser engraving, but of course all done by hand!


The handle is made of Juma, an exotic synthetic material that has recently gained a lot of popularity in custom knives. Not only Juma looks fantastic, it also feel very comfortable in hand as is durable. To learn more about Juma read our "Knife Handle Materials Explained" article. The hammered copper guard matches perfectly with the handle.


RWL34 is a super steel developed by Damasteel. It is the Powder metallurgy version of the Japanese ATS34 steel. RWL34 was named in honour of Bob Loveless or RW Loveless by Damasteel. RWL34™ is particular successful product with very high strength and toughness combined with extreme edge sharpness that is easy to maintain. 


This knife comes with signed certificate of authenticity and hand made leather sheath with belt loop. 

  • Specifications

    Overall length           22.4 cm

    Blade length             11.5 cm

    Handle length           11 cm

    Blade steel               RWL34

    Blade finish              Acid etched

    Handle material        Juma with copper guard

    Weight                     159 g

    Sheath                     Genuine leather

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