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Microtech Socom Elite Knife Two Tone Black Elmax Steel, Black Aluminium Handle

SKU: MT-160-1

The Sought-After Elmax Blade is Back!


The Socom Elite sets the standard for tactical/utility cutlery. Since the inception of the original Socom in 1996, it has been the pioneer for Microtech's entire folding knife line. Over the years, improvements have been made, making the Socom more adaptable to different environments. For long, the Socom Elite has been a reliable choice for military and special operation staff. But we will argue that the Socom is every bit classy as it is rugged.


The Socom has a unique handle shape that molds to your hand. The 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminium handle is light weight and very tough. The handle features traction inserts to allow outstanding grip even with wet hands or gloves. Socom Elite has a glass breaker integrated into the pommel.


The Blade is Elmax in two-tone black finish. Elmax offers unparalleled edge retention and great corrosion resistance. It's toughness and reasonably easy to sharpen characteristics make Elmax a great all-purpose steel. 


The serial number on the knife you receive may be different to the photos. The blade steel is Elmax

  • Specifications

    Overall Length            23.3 cm

    Blade Length              10.2 cm

    Closed Length            12.9 cm

    Blade Material             Elmax

    Handle Material           6061-T6 Aluminium

    Blade Finish                 Two tone black

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