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Microtech Siphon II Pen Signature Series Punisher Skull Engraved Stainless Steel


The Microtech Siphon II is one of the coolest tactical pens ever made. The unique lever action mechanism reveals the tip once the lever is pulled up. The Siphon II has a full 303 stainless steel body for an extremely robust construction. O-ring grips near the tip add extra traction and writing comfort. 


This is a rare example Microtech Signature Series pen. The body is engraved with punisher skull. The pocket clip features the signature series and serial number and is fitted with Microtech's proprietary hardware.


The small size makes it easy to fit in any pocket without creating discomfort. While Siphon II is a relatively small pen, it is on the heavier end of the scale. We love the notable heft of the pen that compensates for the lack of size. Siphon II is a well balanced pen that doesn't cause fatigue while writing. 


Above all, the Siphon II is the type of pen that will impress anyone as soon as you take it out of your pocket. That alone is enough rerason to own one. 

  • Specifications

  • Specifications

    Open length              14.7 cm

    Closed length            9.8 cm

    Handle material          Stainless steel 

    weight                        75 g

    Mechanism                Lever action

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