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Microtech ADO Tactical Knife 440A Steel Apocalyptic Finish 116-10AP USA


Microtech ADO (Alpha Detachment Operative) Knife


The A.D.O. (Alpha Detachment Operative) is an extraordinary fixed blade knife from Microtech.  It is exceptionally ergonomic, light weight and well balanced. The best feature of the ADO is the "feel" which can't be explained or photographed! There's no other fixed blade that feels even similar to the ADO. You have to handle one to understand.


The entire knife is CNC machined from a single billet of 440A stainless steel. This ensures unparalleled lateral strength. The handle is hollow and features a hidden compartment to store away your survival essentials. This compartment is O ring sealed and is totally water proof. In addition, the screw cap features a handy glass breaker tip. The 440A stainless steel is well known for its corrosion resistance qualities. Also being a softer steel, it doesn't chip or break easily and can withstand some serious abuse in the field. In addition, 440A is very easy to sharpen, making ADO a great all round fix blade. 


The composite sheath is very versatile and light weight. the spring clip can be removed and rotated 90 degree for vertical or horizontal carry. The knife fits in nice and tight with no play whatsoever. The spring loaded retention clip ensure the knife does not come out of the sheath unless you want it to.


Important Sheath Functions

To remove the knife from the sheath, you need to press down and hold the end of the retention clip, and pull the knife out at the same time. Please DO NOT pull the knife out of the sheath with force. The knife goes back into the sheath in one position only. DO NOT force the knife into the sheath in wrong position. 


Authenticity Check & Registration

Microtech uses a unique method to protect their knives from counterfeits and to provide peace of mind for buyers. Each knife has a unique barcode that can only be read by Microtech registration software. After downloading Microtech mobile app, you will be able to scan this barcode and register your knife for warranty purpose.

  • Specifications

    Overall length                   23 cm

    Blade length                    11.4 cm

    Blade material                  440A Stainless Steel

    Blade finish                       Apocalyptic Finish 

    Handle Material                440A Stainless Steel

    Sheath                              Composite, Spring Loaded

    Knife Weight                     132g

    Weight W/Sheath              206g


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