MG "X" Titanium EDC Wallet/Card Holster/ Money Clip, Twill Carbon Fiber & G-10

SKU: MG-X-Wallet
MG Knives "X" Wallet
Classy & convenient card wallet/ money clip

MG Knives has earned a good reputation for design & production of  many great knives and gear Over the past years. Attention to details, build quality and reasonable prices make MG products a smart choice.

The "X" wallet is the classy, modern and stylish replacement for bulky and often unnecessary conventional wallets. The MG X wallet is made of premium quality materials with great fit & finish. The front panel and the money clip are made of high grade TC-4 Titanium and the back plate is made of sturdy G-10 with silver twill carbon fiber display side. 

The X wallet has a superb feel of quality and precision and is indeed a beautiful piece of gear to have in rotation. While it is light weight at only 58 grams, the X wallet has a desirable and well balanced heft.  It feels the same as a small mobile phone while weights several times less than one. 

The MG X wallet holds 3 standard credit/ ID cards and the money clip can hold several bank notes securely. Both the card holder and money clip have strong retention to securely hold your valuables in place. The X wallet is perfect whether you use it on a daily basis or have it in rotation with your main wallet for special occasions.  It comes in 4 stylish colour to choose from: natural titanium (silver) or anodized Blue, Bronze and flamed. 

  • Specification

    Length                        9.2 cm
    Width                          6.5 cm
    Thickness                    6.6 mm
    Thickness w/clip         10.5 mm
    Material, Front          Titanium
    Material Back            Silver twill carbon fiber/ G-10
    Weight                      58g
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