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LionSteel M4 Green Canvas micarta, LionSteel M4, LionSteel knife, LionSteel Australia

LionSteel M4 Fixed Blade Knife M390 Steel Green Canvas Micarta Handle, ITALY


Lionsteel M4 

One of the most capable, most ergonomic bushcratf/survival knives in the market


Lionsteel is one of Italy's most respected knife makers. Their knives are manufactured in Maniago, the knife making capital of Italy. Like the famous Seki city in Japan, Maniago is known as a centre for traditional skills and true artisan craftsmanship. The Lionsteel M4 was designed by the highly awarded Michele Pesanto, AKA Molletta. He won the 2015 Blade Show "Overall Knife of the Year" award with the design of the T.R.E knife. The M4 is another exceptional knife from Molletta and Lionsteel. 



When it comes to blade steel, you can't find anything better than M390. Produced by Bohler, M390 is easily the best knife steel produced to date. It features incredible hardness and wear resistance, resulting in unparalleled edge retention. M390 is nicknamed "Microclean" for its uniform composition which enables the edge to be sharpened to a paper thin bevel for extreme sharpness levels. It also can be polished to a true mirror. You will be able to use the M4 out in the bush for weeks of hard use, without needing to strop the edge.



M4's wide M390 steel blade will give tremendous cutting power with a devastating tip. The drop point flat ground provides strength on the tip and sharpness on the edge. The full tang construction of the blade ensures longevity and strength to withstand decades long abuse in the wilderness. The spine of the knife is nicely crowned, as well as the tang to alleviate hot spots during hard use, like chopping and battoning. Yet it's sharp enough on the sides to get a firesteel sparking.



The handle of M4 is a clear winner over almost any other knives, when it comes to ergonomics. The Green canvas Micarta handles have grooves and swells in all the right spots, in addition they are CNC contoured to provide even better grip on the handle. The M4 fits so well in the hand, you would think it's an extension of your arm. The grip is so secure and comfortable that you can carry the knife in your hand and work with it for hours without getting tired. The M4 weights only 146g which also makes it a comfortable knife to carry and use all day long.



The luxurious rich leather sheath is fully handmade, double seam stitched by master craftsmen in Maniago, Italy. The knife fits in the sheath perfectly and the sheath fits on your belt perfectly. The sheath is just as gorgeous as the knife itself. 



We highly recommend the M4 to anyone who likes comfortable carry and less weight but does not want to sacrifice performance. M4 is a mini tank with a beastly M390 blade. No other knife that we know of offers a full tang, 4mm thick chunk of M390 steel at this price. The most important thing in a bushcraft/survival, or in general any knife, is the blade. And with the Lionsteel M4 you will get the best knife steel man has been able to produce to date.


The handle colour and pattern may vary on each knife due to being natural material

  • Specifications

    Overall length                 20.4 cm

    Blade length                    9.5 cm

    Blade thickness              4mm

    Handle thickness           21mm

    Blade material                 Bohler M390

    Blade finish                       Satin

    Handle Material              Green Canvas Micarta

    Weight                                146g

    Sheath                                 Handmade premium leather

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